About Us

The idea of establishing Rural Orphan Charitable Association (ROCA) was conceived by the present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Lamin Sanyang who took his experience and motivation from a provincial village of Sutukung in Jarra East in the Lower River Region of the Gambia whilst he was teaching at a private Arabic School in the village in 1992. At first, it was not formalised but was simply designed to help the most deprived and disadvantaged within the rural setting with education, caring and support for the orphans and windows.

When he was teaching at this private owned Arabic/ Islamic School in Sutukung, he wrote to the Regional Education office in Mansankonko in Region four (4), who came to their aid and donated tables and benches to the school. This motivated the founder to approach the Lebanese Community residing in The Gambia for more support to the school. He described it as a noble gesture by catering support for the orphans and widows course.

The Lebanese Community, Mauritanians as well as Gambians Business Communities were contacted for additional support to the school. The kind of responds in cash and kind from these business communities was so motivating and impressive that the founder has contacted other colleagues to formalise it in the form of charity thus RURAL ORPHAN CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION (ROCA) was born. It became officially registered under the attorney general’s chambers as a charity on 28th August 2003 with the registration number 550/2003. This has given it the right to operate and provide humanitarian services within The Gambia.

After its official registration, ROCA has rented an office complex and started collaborating with other national and international organisations that share the same values and objectives with them.


To help overcome the plight of orphans and widows.


To collaborate with potential partners to provide basic humanitarian services to relieve the plight of orphans and widows and other humanitarian activities and projects.


To educate, care, train and support both orphans and widows to live a decent life.